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Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

 In Love with Cats but Hate Allergies?


Meet our Hypoallergenic Cats -

Say Hello to Snuggles Without   Sneezes!

Foxy - Sunshine Tabby Siberian


Cat allergies are prevalent among millions of individuals in North America.  Sensitivity to felines is a commonly encountered allergic reaction.  Symptoms may manifest as difficulty breathing, persistent and scratchy sore throat, coughing, wheezing, itchy skin, red, watery eyes with itching, nasal congestion, itchy nose and frequent sneezing.

The Siberian cat is widely recognized for causing fewer allergic reactions than many other cat breeds, earning it the label of 'hypoallergenic' due to its decreased likelihood of triggering allergic responses.  Factors such as the length of the cat's coat, its colour, gender or the volume of fur do not influence the severity of reactions experienced by allergy sufferers.

Fel D1 and Cat Allergies

The primary allergen in domestic cats is the Fel D1 substance, produced within the cat's sebaceous glands and saliva.  Cats, as habitual self-groomers, spread their saliva across their coat during grooming sessions, allowing the Fel D1 to dry on their fur.  This allergen, which is lighter than air, disperses throughout the cat's environment, adhering to surfaces like draperies and furniture.

The Siberian breed typically harbours significantly lower levels of Fel D1 compared to other cat breeds.  Research indicates that around 80-90% of individuals can comfortably co-exist with this breed despite cat allergies.  However, no scientific test is currently available to predict who might experience allergic reactions and who will not.

To assist in gauging compatibility between Siberian cats and potential owners with allergies, we offer an allergen kit for purchase.  This kit includes fur samples from three adult Siberian cats.  Following the enclosed instructions for approximately a week allows most individuals to assess whether they can happily live with a Siberian.  

Bodies and allergies change over the years.  If testing tells you now is not a good time to get a cat, even a Siberian cat, consider testing again in three or four years.

Tips to Help Cat Allergies

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

Tsar - Sunshine Silver Tabby Siberian

Take Control of your Life:

 Our Allergen Kit, Your Solution

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

Nazia - Sunshine Silver Tabby Siberian

 -      First weeks - people with asthma & allergies, minimize direct contact with the cat as much as possible.

 -      Confining the cat to a specific area of the house for a few weeks will limit allergen exposure.

 -      Maintain a strict policy of not allowing the cat into the bedroom.  Make sure the door remains closed.

 -      Regular dusting and vacuuming.

 -      When weather conditions allow, open the windows to ventilate the house and provide air circulation.

 -      Invest in an air purifier designed to reduce allergens in the home environment.

 -      Regularly bathe the cat using a product like Allerpet to potentially reduce allergens on the fur.

 -      Consult with the medical profession and explore medication options that might alleviate symptoms.

Write/Text for an Allergen Kit - 289-688-9705

"Absolutely Amazing"

I wanted a cat since I was a small child but bad cat allergies run in my family and of course, I had to get them too.

I went to the home of someone I did not know to pick up an item I purchased on Kijiji and was astonished to see a cat walk into the living room.  Normally, five minutes in a house where a cat lives and I would be in horrible shape.  The seller told me her cat was a purebred Siberian and that she also had cat allergies.  To make a long story short, after a lengthy discussion about Siberians and a lot of research on my own, I purchased a kitten from Golden Sunshine Siberians about a year ago.

Absolutely amazing.  At the beginning I had a slight issue with allergies but even that went away in about ten days.  Today my cat, Sunshine, and I live in perfect harmony.

I urge anyone who has allergies to give it a try.  I will be forever grateful for the day I made a purchase on Kijiji and ended up with the greatest gift I can imagine.

Sharon Hazelworth

Arnprior, Ontario

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada
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