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Discover the Latest Innovations in Siberian Cats

Golden Sunshine Siberians: 
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Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

Nazia - Sunshine Silver Tabby Siberian

Welcome to our world celebrating the latest in Siberian cat colours - the mesmerizing sunshines and the ethereal sunshine silvers!  Discover the beauty of their unique coat variations and learn about the elegance of these stunning feline companions.  At Golden Sunshine Siberians, we take pride in raising kittens that are not just aesthetically captivating but also make wonderful companions that bring joy and warmth to their new homes.

GOLDEN SUNSHINE SIBERIANS is located in Toronto, Canada

Our Values, Our Philosophy 

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

  Avatar - Sunshine Tabby Siberian

  • Breeding quality Siberians since 2012

  • Home raised, lovingly handled

  • Lifetime guidance and back-up

  • Raised with dogs and young children

  • Five-generation pedigree

  • Purebred and registerable in TICA

  • Kittens conform as closely as possible to breed standards

  • Negative for FELV, FIV and ringworm

  • Vaccinated, de-wormed, vet checked

  • References provided upon request

  • Only physically and emotionally healthy adults are used in our breeding program

  • Very low level of Fel D1

  • Kittens can be returned during the first two weeks for any reason whatsoever

  • We honour our guarantee 100% - always

The sunshine colour, previously known as "golden" is a coat effect that modifies the black pigments in a Siberian cat's fur; replacing them with yellow pigments.  This results in a warm and apricot tabby colour.  The roots of the fur appear golden in colour.

It is important to note that sunshine Siberians possess the same wonderful personality, health and captivating appearance as traditional and colour point Siberians.  Most significantly, for those with allergies, they are just as hypoallegenic.

Sunshine Siberians - a New Siberian Colour

The sunshine colour, formerly know as golden, presents a unique transition in kittens' coats.  Initially born with distinct black markings, their colouration gradually evolves into a beautiful golden hue as they mature. 


Sunshine Siberians boast distinctive features; their noses appear pink, deviating from the brick-coloured nose outlined in black; typical of black tabby cats.  Additionally, their muzzle, chin and chest exhibit a near-white appearance with warm apricot or cream tones.  The inside of their legs displays a lighter colour compared to the outer part, which retains black hair.  The underside of their tail remains clear, while the tip appears blackish.  Tufts in their ears tend to be almost white.  Any amount of white within their coat is permissible.   

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

Stelliana - Sunshine Tabby Siberian

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

 Zoey - Black Sunshine Tabby Siberian

Sunshine Silver Siberians (Bi-Metallic) - a New Siberian Colour

Sunshine silver Siberians possess both silver and sunshine traits.  They display a distinct appearance and are often colloquially referred to as bi-metallic.  Sunshine silver kittens are born with a silver coat featuring subtle shades of apricot pink.  Their muzzle and legs exhibit a noticeably lighter tone with hints of pink apricot.  A distingtuishing feature is the pink nose leather.

Other Variations

The sunshine colour can co-exist with other coat modifications.  A cat can be a "black sunshine tabby" or a "blue sunshine tabby".  It can also appear alongside the colour point coat modification found in Siberians, resulting in a "black sunshine tabby point".

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada

Origins and Genetics

The first Siberians with a golden colouration began appearing in the early 2000s.  These cats were originally called "golden" but this name was being confused with the golden colour seen in Persian and British breeds.  In 2011, Italian cat breeder and judge, Eleonora Ruggiero, described this colour as "sunshine" and the name stuck.  The golden colour in Siberians is genetically distinct from that in Persian breeds; especially due to the existence of bi-metallic Siberians.  

The sunshine colour adds a touch of warmth and uniqueness to Siberian cats; making them even more captivating!

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Thank you for considering Golden Sunshine Siberian cattery as your trusted source for an extraordinary Siberian kitten.  If you require any more information after looking around our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Golden Sunshine Siberians | Kittens for Sale | Ontario, Canada
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